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Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM)

From Banksy to Rodchenko: the legends of contemporary art




Tue,  Wed,  Thu,  Fri,  Sat,  Sun 12:00 — 21:00


50 — 500

The first art museum in post-Soviet Moscow, MAMM is known for a collection of images by a famous artist and photographer, the founder of Constructivist art Alexander Rodchenko and archival records of the Rodchenko–Stepanova family. The recent years have seen a shift in the museum's specialty toward a wider range of contemporary art exhibitions featuring works by art icons like Banksy, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

MAMM offers a host of tours for children aged seven or older that elucidate the most remarkable artworks, focus on the artists behind them, explain the intricate details of each exhibition, and answer your questions. On weekends, the museum operates an art studio. Your kids are guaranteed to have a fun time, armed with plasticine, crayons, felt-tip pens, color, and so much more. Experienced tutors are there to help aspiring young talent conjure up their own artworks they can then take home. And while your kids are busy creating away, you will have plenty of time to explore the museum expositions.

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