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Moscow Museum of Archeology

A one-of-a-kind underground museum and caches of Moscow

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The 1997 founding of the museum was pre-dated by five years of extensive digging conducted by the Center of Moscow's Archeological Studies under Alexander Veksler. The excavations uncovered a seven-foot-deep layer of finds dating back to various eras of the city's history.

The best-known exhibits include the Neolithic flint figures found in the remains of the Voymezhnoye settlement and items from the Early Iron Age Dyakovo archeological culture. Some displays are dedicated to caches unearthed from the sites of the Old Merchant Court and Ipatyevsky Lane. The latter comprised 3,397 Spanish silver coins dating back to the reign of Philip II and Philip IV. The collection also includes items from glass and porcelain: medical vials, vases, shot glasses, dishware, and construction tools.

The museum hosts multiple themed tours. You can try on medieval clothes and get the feel of Moscow's everyday life of the previous centuries. Schoolchildren are offered free classes on archeological finds and practical research methodologies. On weekends, the museum stages games and quizzes both kids and adult can join.

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