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All-Russian Decorative Art Museum

From old Russian jumper dresses to Soviet tin-glazed pottery

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This unique exhibition venue in the 18th-century palace showcases a collection of folk art products.

The exhibition halls feature wooden jewelry and household items (window jambs, ornamental wood rooftop planks, furniture, dishware), national costumes, gold, linen, and silk laces, clay and wooden toys. Each hall is dedicated to a single craft or motif.

The exposition, titled "Russian Style: From History to Modernity," spans several halls and follows the developmental trajectory of the Russian decorative arts between the 1830s and the turn of the 20th century.

A part of the museum is the Fashion and Design Center, which studies the history and evolution of the subject. The Center hosts regular talks, creative meetups, workshops, themed educational events, quests, and children's festivities.

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