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Andrei Rublev Museum of Ancient Russian Art and Culture

Iconographic gems and monastic staples

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The museum was established in 1947 on the premises of the Andronikov Monastery of the Savior where the famed icon painter Andrei Rublev had been interred. The museum occupies the refectory, the Church of Michael the Archangel, and the former Hegumen's Building.

The collection features masterpieces by Andrei Rublev, Dionysius, and their apprentices from the workshop of Metropolitan Macarius and Tsar Ivan the Terrible. The staples of the collection include 17th-century artworks, the iconography of the Armoury Chamber, and masterpieces by regional masters.

The museum offers workshops (masterclasses), creative field trips, lectures, and a range of educational projects. One of those, the kids' hands-on workshop titled "Iconography: The Tricks of the Trade," features the tools and materials widely used in icon painting. Participants also try their hand at it. Another one, the "Mystery of the Old Chronicle" quest, will take you along a route where you will decode a chunk of an ancient chronicle and find the correct answer in the cache shown on the map.

Once the museum activities are over, you are encouraged to check out the monastery's sights, including the Savior Cathedral, Moscow's oldest surviving temple, which houses frescoes by Andrei Rublev himself.

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