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Galina Ulanova Memorial Home

The ballet legend lived in one of the Seven Sisters


The apartment on the sixth floor of the high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment was Galina Ulanova's home for the last twelve years of her life, even though she had obtained the apartment right after her move from Leningrad to Moscow in 1944. The ballet dancer's impressive home library numbers close to 2,500 volumes. Most of the exhibits on display in the Galina Ulanova Memorial Home, opened in 2004, six years after she passed away, are the artworks and commemorative souvenirs that people gave her over the years, all of which she treasured. 

The memorial home was made possible by the hard work of the team of the Bakhrushin Museum of Theater. The theater's historians recreated the furnishings and décor in the apartment just the way they were during Ulanova's lifetime. The interiors were meticulously reconstructed from photographs and verbal testimonies of the ballerina's guests. The exhibits available in place were complemented by manuscripts and documents from official archives. The highlights of the exhibition are the gifts Ulanova had received from a number of famous artists. There is a portrait of Galina Ulanova by Orest Vereisky, a statuette by Vera Mukhina, and a set of porcelain figurines by Elena Yanson-Manizer. The museum offers tours of the exhibition. The tour titled “Life and Work of Galina Ulanova” is about the landmark events in the ballerina's life. The other tour, “The Little Ballerina's Story,” is for children and teens. 

Please note that you have to call the Galina Ulanova Memorial Home to sign up for a tour. The time you can spend in the apartment without a tour is limited to 45 minutes.

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