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Museum of Optical Illusions

Installations for photo illusions




10:00 — 21:00


400 — 800

A multi-format exhibition located on the second floor of VDNH's Electrification Pavilion was organized by Big Creative — a company specializing in interactive exhibitions. A camera or a smartphone is a must for visiting the Museum of Optical Illusions: you will only see the actual illusion on photographs. The exposition is essentially a set of decorations that come to life on camera. They allow you to cross a rapid river full of crocodiles, stand on top of the Ostankino Tower, ride a hot air balloon, or share a table with leaders of several countries. Each exhibit is accompanied by a list of tips on the best position and examples of visualizations. In addition to 3D installations, the exhibition also features other optical illusions, like objects that are several times bigger than their natural size, or an Ames room where a person standing in the left corner looks bigger than the one in the right corner. 

The Museum of Optical Illusions is located in the complex of installations, so you can also visit places like mirror and ribbon labyrinths, a horror room, and an upside-down city on the same day.

Photo: Big Creative

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