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Experimentanium Kids Science Museum

An alternative take on the school curriculum


The privately owned museum was established in 2011 to illustrate the laws of science (electricity, mechanics, optics, etc.) and to explain natural phenomena. A trip to the museum is guaranteed to thrill schoolchildren and preschoolers aged 3+. Visitors are encouraged to touch the exhibits, solve the puzzles, conduct scientific experiments, and join the employees in some serious testing.

The exhibits include those emulating the formation of tornadoes and clouds, the plasma ball invented by Tesla, the replica of a US-built truck, the mechanisms behind whirlpools and sea waves, the Mindball game, where you steer a ball with your mind alone, and the ABC of the Renaissance Mechanics, featuring models of devices invented by Leonardo da Vinci over half a millennium ago.

On weekends, public holidays, and during school breaks, Experimentanium hosts infotainment events involving scientific experiments.

The kids science museum also has a movie theater offering science documentaries targeted at kids of all ages. Besides, Experimentanium holds classes on robotics and quadrotor skills, from controlling to fixing to programming. On top of that, the museum teaches entertaining school physics classes.

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