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Orlov Paleontological Museum

Dinosaur skeletal remains and a paleontology club


Tyoply Stan


10:00 — 17:15


200 — 400

Established in 1937, it took a long time for the museum to find a permanent residence. The project in the New Brutalism style was designed by a team of architects under the chief architect of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Platonov.

The museum opens with an introductory hall where visitors grasp the scientific basic of paleontology. The following halls and their exhibits are arranged chronologically in accordance with the geological time scale. The museum is intended for paleontology buffs and little kids with a love of dinosaurs alike. Both categories will be impressed by the giant figures of prehistoric animals.

Kids can join a paleontology club established as early as 1948. Schoolchildren can take part in contests, quizzes, and research conferences. In late May, the museum celebrates its birthday and offers an eventful program.

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