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Living characters from iconic cartoons


The multimedia center of the famous Soyuzmultfilm studio opened at VDNKh, in the building of the former Seeds Pavilion. Following reconstruction, the building, with an unusual shape even for Soviet modernism, was turned into an interactive amusement park, which attracts not only children, but adults as well. All 18 attractions in the entertainment center are designed using digital technology: virtual and augmented reality, 3D-animation, autonomous development, and infinite graphic object generation. Thanks to these technologies, visitors not only enter an animated world with famous characters, but they can also interact with them and create new stories. 

The park’s biggest attraction is called Journey into a Cartoon: with the help of sensors, the space of the room changes with the visitor’s every step. Children and adults can enjoy interactive meetings with characters from Soviet cartoons – Winnie the Pooh (who needs help to find presents for Eeyore), Carlson (take a walk with him on the roofs of Stockholm), Cheburashka (visit his house), the villagers of Prostokvashino, the Bremen musicians, and many others.

The park has half-hour sessions that require advance purchase of tickets, but in summer, there is a “flexible attendance” mode, when visitors can arrive at any time during the day.

Photo: VDNKh

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