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Mosfilm studio

A museum of Russian cinema and open film sets


Mosfilm is one of the leading Russian film studios that has produced iconic Soviet movies and modern motion pictures that have already become classics. Mosfilm handles the full cycle of filmmaking, from writing the script to creating and distributing the movie. In 1995, Mosfilm opened a museum that was intended to showcase unusual props, but soon became a proper exposition dedicated to the history of Russian cinema. Come here to take a look at the set of fairytale Copenhagen from Eldar Ryazanov's film about Andersen, see the iconic Volga car from Beware of the Car, and admire exuberant costumes from War and Peace. The exposition of the museum is constantly changing: many exhibits are still used on set in different movies, and when some items are sent off for filming, other movie artifacts take their place.

Mosfilm also offers tours that include a visit to the museum. The guide will tell you plenty of interesting facts about the history of Russian filmmaking. In addition to museum rooms, visitors will get to see actual sets and studios closed to the general public, and visit a studio cinema that hosts premieres of new movies. You can join the tour individually or in a group.

Photo: Mosfilm

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