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Bakhrushin Theater Museum

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One of the world's oldest and largest theater museums was founded by a merchant, collector of antiquities, and patron of arts Alexey Bakhrushin. He helped expand the collection immensely. The museum occupies a one-story Early English Gothic mansion built in 1896.

The collection spans sketches of costumes, theatrical scenery by industry-best masters, photos, portraits, stage costumes worn by great actors, posters, rare titles on theatrical art, products of applied arts, and much more.

The museum has several branches that are museums and galleries dedicated to theatrical life, including the Ostrovsky House Museum, Yermolova House Museum, Meyerhold Apartment Museum, Ulanova Apartment Museum, Theater Gallery on Malaya Ordynka, Shchepkin House Museum, and others. The entire collections of the museum have a total of over 1.5 million exhibits combined.

The museum also offers an eventful online program. The #Bakhrushinsathome project immerses visitors in the real life of a manor. Together with Alexey Bakhrushin, his family, and friends, you will get the feel of the bygone era and tour the mansion online.

Every May sees the Bakhrushin Charity Festival that features concerts, plays, workshops, meetings with creatives, and exhibitions.

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