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Husky Land

Immersion in the mysterious world of the North


Husky Land is part of Skazka Park in Krylatskoye, located in a highly protected area of Moskvoretsky natural and historic park. It is an authentic ethno-village of the peoples of the Far North and a unique park with sled dogs, where visitors can interact with friendly Huskies, Laikas, and Samoyeds, pet and feed them, take pictures, and ride a sled on weekends and holidays. Various interactive programs are held on a regular basis where visitors can learn the basics of dog training. It is also possible to hand-feed the reindeer living in the park.

A dedicated space is occupied by the game room, where guests are introduced to the traditional games and amusements of the peoples of the North. There is an ethnic shooting gallery where visitors can try to hit a target with a real bow, and they can also make their dearest wishes near the ceremonial tree. In addition, Husky Land offers exciting workshops where guests can learn how to paint on fabric, draw on water, and make northern mandalas, soft toys, and magical souvenirs.

It is also possible to hold children’s parties or events for adults, such as office outings or team building exercises. One of the most interesting formats are the quests, which are individually developed to suit the interests and needs of guests.

Photo: Husky Land

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