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Skazka Amusement Park

Amazing park for kids


The Skazka amusement park occupies seven hectares, and there are rides, a petting zoo, a cafe, and themed areas. The park is mostly outdoors, with the exception of a few locations (like the indoor ice rink). The park includes some extreme rides, such as its Typhoon, Tornado, Extreme Flight, and Freefall Tower. You can admire the Zhivopisny Bridge from the Ferris wheel with beautiful illumination.

There is a traditional driving course, a Little Freefall Tower, and the Waltz carousel for younger visitors. The park also has virtual reality attractions, shooting galleries, arcades, and interactive locations (such as an upside-down house and Baba Yaga's hut). Additionally, interactive plays take place in a few parts of the park.

After the rides, you can visit the rope park and Aiva park with its hobbit houses, as well as Husky Land and the largest Rabbit House in the country, with a variety of species of rabbits and hares. The park has an alpaca farm, a dinosaur park, a goose and goat farm, and a raccoon zoo.

Parking in the park is paid, as is riding your bike. There is no free transport from the metro, but the website offers cashback for taxi cabs.

Photo: Skazka Amusement Park

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