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Muzeon Art Park

A landscape park with a collection of Soviet-era sculptures


Park Kultury


08:00 — 23:00



The park next to the Central House of Artists and the New Tretyakov Gallery is also an open-air museum. Since 1992, almost 800 sculptures have been collected here, including the statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky taken from Lubyanskaya Square, along with the works of authors unrecognized by the Soviet state and some contemporary works. In 2020, sculptures by Olga Muravina were added to the Muzeon collection. Olga is well known in Russia and abroad: her Krolik, Nosozhik, and Malysh statues can be found on park's main alleyway.

When the park revolution came to Moscow in 2013, Muzeon was joined together with the Krymskaya embankment which has since became a pedestrian area. A lot has changed during its big reconstruction: it added wooden decks for pedestrians, bicycle paths, dry fountains, and cafes. The embankment motorway was transformed into flower beds, and covered pavilions for artists were built near the Crimea bridge — this area used to host spontaneous opening day events.

Concerts, free yoga and fitness classes, and dance workshops are held in Muzeon every day in the open air when it's warm. There is a summer cinema near the monument to Peter I where film screenings, discussions, and public talks are often held. The park also has year-round educational sites, an indoor School pavilion, and the MIR kindergarten.

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