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Tyufeleva Roshcha Park

An automotive plant converted into a perfect picnic spot





The spacious area between Avtozavodskaya and Tulskaya metro stations was for many years occupied by the Likhachev Automobile Plant. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the enterprise found itself in crisis, and quickly had to turn over its territory for redevelopment. Now in place of an automobile plant stands is a residential complex (currently under construction). The adjacent park was the first construction project completed as part of this redevelopment effort. The park was named Tyufeleva Roshcha in honor of the forest by the same name located nearby several centuries ago.

The project of the new park was developed by the Dutch architect Jerry van Eyck, who turned the industrial zone into a compact but comfortable recreational space. The central object of the park is a giant pergola made of Corten steel, which resembles one of the Likhachev plant conveyor belts and passes through every zone in the park — from the main entrance to a picturesque pond located in the depths of the park. Most of the space is occupied by green zones like frisbee lawns, hilly meadows, and flower beds with a variety of color-matched flowers. The park was conceived primarily as a place of leisure for the residents of the new complex, and therefore has plenty of sports facilities: while the football fields are a rather common sight in the city, it also has trampolines and open-air gym machines.

The best time to visit Tyufeleva Roshcha park is during summer — visitors can enjoy a nice picnic on the grass with a view of the Moscow Central Circle train line. The picturesque Mark Shagal embankment is right next to the park — it's got pedestrian alleyways and an amphitheater. The embankment is expected to open completely in the near future.

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