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A shopping center with a painted facade on the Garden Ring


This large shopping center near the Kursk railway station is easily recognized by its graffiti-painted walls. Eleven street artists from all over the world contributed to it. Among them were the star of calligraphy Pokras Lampas and Time cover designer Shepard Fairey. The center houses three floors of stores and stands, a movie theater, and a spacious food court with panoramic windows.

People usually come to Atrium to buy clothes. The first Uniqlo in Russia was opened right here. Now there are over a hundred stores in the shopping center. It has stores from all major sportswear brands. Rare streetwear brands can be found in some of the smaller showrooms. There are many cosmetics shops, most of which are located on the ground floor. The shopping center also houses the Karo multiplex with nine movie screens.

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