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Urban Fauna Zero Waste Store

Environmentally friendly cosmetic and household goods


This small store in Bukvodom, a cultural space, was one of the first in Moscow to sell organic cosmetics and eco-friendly household items. Here you can find plastic-free toothbrushes and cotton swabs, natural shampoos and hair balms, and environmentally friendly home furnishings and accessories. The store specializes in cosmetics and houses a large selection of hand and facial creams, aromatic soaps, and scrubs. Most of the products are sold without packaging (imported goods are sold in reusable packaging), so bring your own containers. If you don't have any, you can buy metal utensils and glass containers there. Every summer, Urban Fauna manufactures sweets and snacks from local farm products. There is also a vegan café adjacent to the store, where you can order a drink at a discount if you bring your own mug. The store also has a line of organic clothing with environmentalist branding.

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