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VLAVKA farmers' shops

Organic products at reasonable prices


The LavkaLavka farmers' cooperative was founded by three enthusiasts as an alternative to mass industrial production. The idea of the project is simple: the cooperative provides farmers with the opportunity to sell products on a single platform, thus simplifying interaction with customers. At the same time, it rigorously verifies the production conditions and the quality of goods. Today, LavkaLavka is the largest retailer of additive-free agricultural products in Russia. The list of farms represented by the project is constantly being updated, and the high level of competition reduces prices—some basic products can be bought cheaper than at a supermarket.

Organic products can be purchased both online and in one of VLAVKE's brick-and-mortar locations. New branches have been opened on the Patriarch Ponds and near Smolenskaya metro station. The interiors of the shops are finished in wood with a design that creates the ambiance of a country veranda. Both stores have cafés, where dishes are prepared in an open kitchen and the menu is updated daily with the main focus on traditional Russian food. The restaurant's signature dish is hand-made pelmeni and vareniki, as well as pies with a dozen different fillings, which can also be bought in the store.

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