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Belyov Pastila Flagship Store

Traditional confectionery, Unique recipes


Pastille made of apples, sugar, and egg whites is the signature treat of Belyov, a town in Tula Oblast. In the mid-19th century, the merchant Amvrosy Prokhorov had a big apple garden planted and ordered a fruit dryer machine to be built. That is how he started this unique confectionery factory. Although the factory was closed in Soviet times, the recipe has been passed down for generations. The factory was restored a few years ago, and the local craft became a successful business.

Today, you can buy Belyov Pastille at many large stores, fairs, and markets. The manufacturer follows the original recipe with no artificial preservatives or flavors. The dessert has a dozen variations with fruit and berries. The store offering the richest assortment is located at the Food City wholesale market by Kaluzhskoe Motorway. Here you can find all sorts of pastille, marshmallows, and fruit jelly. The store also offers a special line of sugar-free desserts and festive confectionery sets in fancy packaging.

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