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The flagship store of Gzhel Porcelain

Store of the world-famous blue and white ceramics brand


The history of the Gzhel porcelain factory dates back more than two centuries. From a local folk craft, Gzhel ceramics have become one of Russia's signature products: examples in white and blue can be found in almost every home.

Today, the company employs a team of technologists who combine historical traditions with advanced porcelain processing technologies. The Gzhel factory's product range consists of 600 items including not only teapots and cups but also lamps, candlesticks, and wall clocks. The whole variety of products produced is on display in the factory's store on Pyatnitskaya Street, the windows of which resemble museum shelves. The items are carefully selected for their shape, purpose, and color.

The interiors of the store are made in the classic blue-white-blue tones developed by the design studio of Eva Bergman, and the traditional palette is complemented by the bright red sofas and fresh flowers placed throughout the store. Here you can not only buy a souvenir but also learn more about the history of Gzhel ceramics. The staff will be happy to help you build a collection of porcelain products.

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