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Natura Siberica's Flagship Store

Three stories of organic cosmetics with a spa zone


Natura Siberica is a Russian company specializing in organic cosmetics. The Company markets its products all over the world. In 2017, the brand opened a flagship store of 200 square meters on Tverskaya street. It occupied three storefronts in a building with decorative elements in the Empire style and a bell tower with a tented roof. The ground floor is a showroom presenting the brand's main product lineup, including cosmetics with extracts of Siberian plants, their line of products for children, and professional cosmetics. At the back of the showroom, there is an oil press, so you can see how essential oils are made. The next floor is occupied by a laboratory, where the brand's experts study how to incorporate the benefits of northern plants in the company's cosmetics. Here you can test your skin and formulate skincare products based on the results and on your personal preferences. There is also a library of Siberian plants, where you can learn about all the ingredients the company uses. The basement houses a spa zone with two rooms featuring a sauna in a cedar barrel and hot tubs for relaxation. The spa zone also has a lounge room, where you can taste Siberian herbal tinctures and cedar nuts.

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