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In ten years, the creative cluster on the grounds of a former glass factory has blossomed into a fully-fledged urban neighborhood abuzz with life. The spaces and offices here are occupied by a variety of formats, from big-name design studios to small showrooms, making up the nearly 300-strong community of tenants. The shops, which account for only a modest portion of the mixed-use campus, do not easily lend themselves to categorization. Flacon is home to outlets as diverse as a dog accessories studio, esoteric product studio, textile lab that sells its own products, a vinyl LP market, a cyclery, and bicycle-building shop. The clothing stores at Flacon mostly offer high-end garments. The foremost fashion Maisons and iconic brands are represented. The cluster stages all kinds of events all year, from street culture festivals to BBQ master classes to massive musical gigs in the summer.

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