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Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art

The art-platform of the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory

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The Imperial Manufactory is one of the oldest enterprises for the production of porcelain. It was founded in St. Petersburg on the personal order of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, but over its 270-year history, it has opened several branches throughout Russia. Today, Imperial Porcelain is highly valued by both collectors and amateurs.

In Moscow, these products can be purchased in several places, but the main store is located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Shopping isn't the only thing that lures people here. For several years, the building has been occupied by a branch of the St. Petersburg Gallery of Modern Porcelain Art, which exhibits the best examples from the Imperial Factory. The exhibition features the most unusual household items made of porcelain, such as a collection of lamps. Young artists and masters of decorative and applied arts are brought in to work on the exhibitions.

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