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Bookshop in the backyards of Kitai-Gorod


One of the backyard basement spaces on Pokrovka was once converted to an independent bookshop. The first thing that meets the eye as you enter the shop are the shelves with new book releases. Beyond, stacked up on chairs and strewn across the floor are heaps of Soviet era books, vinyl records of the Soviet Melodia label, and an imposing rack with picture cards and pins. Most editions are available for RUB 100200 and some are actually free. But people do not come here exclusively to shop for books. Khodasevich hosts poetry readings and creative writing workshops. The store also doubles as a library: you get a subscription for a small fee, and then you can borrow books and either take them home or read in the patio outside on a warm day. Khodasevich staff set up what they call a "free market" outside on warm days, offering an excellent opportunity to replenish your home library. The heftiest shelves at Khodasevich are filled with contemporary nonfiction and poetry. These are the genres most shoppers come here to check out.

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