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A Designer Clothing Concept Store


In 2009, a few enthusiasts opened a concept store at 20 Kuznetsky Most. It became the first designer clothing concept store in Russia and is still Russia's Mecca for fashionistas. КМ20 hosts fashion shows and contemporary art installations and hosts the release of new collections and collaborations. Here you can find both famous labels and local brands worthy of attention.

A few years ago, the store was relocated to a far more accommodating three-story space on Stoleshnikov Lane without changing its name. The minimalistic white walls and floor-to-ceiling windows are reminiscent of Modernist mansions. The ground story is occupied by collections of streetwear. The wall at the back serves as a sneaker zone offering a vast assortment. On the next floor, you can find new collections and temporary art installations. Each of the latter is a joint effort of the store itself, creative designers, and the art directors of various brands. On the floor above you'll find a restaurant. Some of the items on the menu are created in collaboration with world-famous chefs. The restaurant also has a summer terrace, offering a view of surrounding lanes and a glass floor, through which you can see what's going on in the store below.

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