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DiG record shop

One of the most famous vinyl stores


Within ten years, one of the most famous vinyl stores has changed many locations: it has occupied a basement by the Yauza River and a room in the Polytechnic Museum. However, Bauman Garden eventually became its home.

At DiG, you can find vinyl records of most genres. The store boasts substantial jazz, funk, and soul collections, several stands with every imaginable variety of guitar music, and boxes of hip hop and electronic music. DiG specializes in contemporary music. The store's owners, who are local Moscow musicians, keep tabs on industry news and often bring in something completely new. Besides vinyl, the store has a large rack of tapes recorded by independent Russian musicians, some of which are very rare. The best way to support them is to buy their music on a physical medium.

The store also sells vintage audio equipment: record players, stereos, and amplifiers. It even provides cleaning and repairing services for vinyl records. Sometimes DiG hosts parties where the staff and friends of the store play their vinyl records or DJs play electronic music sets.

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