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Gorod-Sad health food store

A Mecca for cooking with natural products

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Gorod-Sad is an organic food chain. The project became a pioneer in the healthy food industry: the chain was one of the first in Russia to start selling foods made of lentils, quinoa, and chickpeas, and refused to use gluten and sugar in its recipes. The concept was successful—from the small shop created in 2014, Garden City has grown to a full-fledged franchise chain with a dozen stores throughout Moscow.

The store's assortment is product range expanding—the creators adopt the main culinary trends in healthy food from leading European chefs. Garden City relies on a multi-format: here, you can not only buy healthy food made of natural products, but also choose an individualized diet depending on your chosen dietary restrictions (vegan, keto, and others). You'll also find organic cosmetics: eco-balms, natural oils, and creams.

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