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Vinyl Market

Vinyl records from all over the world in a lane by the Arbat

Vinyl Market.jpg

Vinyl Market is located in the historic center of the city. It occupies the basements of a building in the side streets next to the Old Arbat. Behind an inconspicuous sign, a bright and spacious room is hidden, a real paradise for analog sound lovers. The assortment features more than 20 thousand records of various genres. The collection is dominated by classic pop and rock albums, but modern music can also be found.

Prices vary: there are records for RUB 300–400 and rare collector's items which cost RUB 10,000 and more. However, you can listen to any record right in the store or take the opportunity to hold original editions of albums by The Beatles or The Doors in your hands. Vinyl Market also has a vinyl service, where you can have a damaged or broken record player fixed. The store also sells gift cards, a perfect gift for any collector or music lover. You can learn whether a particular record is available on their website. The store catalog is constantly being updated.

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