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The non-central mall with a no mean clothing selection


One of Moscow's first mega-malls, Metropolis on Leningradskoe Highway is easy to get to despite its non-central location. It's only a 15-minute drive from the center and a two-minute walk from the nearest Metro station and Moscow's Central Ring.

A Mix & Match mall, Metropolis is mainly occupied by clothing stores mixing mass market and premium brands. But even the mass market part goes far beyond the household names: Metropolis carries Swedish and British brands rarely found on the market in Russia. What really sets Metropolis apart from the other Moscow malls is its abundance of flagship stores. Here, on an area of upwards of 200,000 square meters, a mega-Sportmaster sits side by side with a mega-Technopark home appliance store and the sprawling shoe retailer CCC.

As well as offering an exciting shopping experience, Metropolis has a health club on the top floor, which boasts a large swimming pool, a winter garden with retractable roof, and a multiplex movie theater. There is no central food court, but Metropolis has more than 50 food and beverage outlets scattered around the mall, running the culinary gamut from Mediterranean haute cuisine to Hawaiian street food.

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