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Tsvetnoy Central Market

A European-style shopping gallery in the historic center


This concept department store on Tsvetnoy Boulevard recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. The extraordinary building with panoramic windows was designed by Yuri Grigoryan. British designers who worked on projects for famous London marketplaces helped with the interior design. The store quickly became popular due to its unique layout: there are no brand sections, making the store look more like a gallery than a shopping center.

Tsvetnoy houses six stories of clothes and shoes, a wide range of electronics, gifts, and cosmetics, as well as a large food court. Each floor has a concept: the “Everyday Fashion” section contains popular brands, the “New Generation” section features rare European brands, and the “Designers Space” has exclusive collections. The department store often hosts events: garage sales and vintage fairs, Sunday brunches, and culinary workshops in the food court.

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