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Children's Theater of Shadows

Sleight of hand and shows played by audience

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Russia's only government-sponsored repertoire-based shadow play theater was founded by artist Ekaterina Zonnenshtral and stage director Sofia Svobodina in June 1944. Over the decades since, the theater has evolved from a studio attached to the Museum of Children's Books to a professional company with its own space in Izmailovo.

While shadow play remains the dominant genre, the company often combines it with traditional puppets on a screen or human actors on stage, resulting in unusual and versatile shows. For instance, the play after the story in verse My Phone Rang by Korney Chukovsky mixes shadow play, puppets, slapstick, and pantomime.

The theater is equipped with "transformer" seats for young viewers' convenience: you can adjust the height of the chair for a better view.

The repertoire includes shows for families with children of all ages, from preschoolers to teens, as well as interactive programs.

Segnor Sombrini's Grand Paper Circus is a play and workshop for children over the age of seven. Every participant is assigned a role, the play is rehearsed under the guidance of professional actors, a playbill is painted, and the room decorated. Then everyone invites their parents to the opening night.

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