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Funny Bell's House

Opera for infants and plays for school-age children


Funny Bell's House is a children's chamber theater conveniently located in Bauman Garden, so a theater outing can be combined with a walk in the park. The company has won the hearts of young audiences and their parents with its unique immersive format: the seats are positioned really close to the stage, and audience participation is encouraged in many shows.

The plays cater to young audiences of different ages. A baby play will convey a mood rather than a story through the medium of music, dance, and odor. The baby opera The Tree is highly recommended. The children's play Buka for audiences aged five or older is a story with a touch of slapstick, filled with vibrant music and dance. The play Romeo and Juliet in the Back of the Classroom for teenage viewers tells the classic story in the language of bloggers and active gadget users.

It is advisable to purchase tickets in advance for Funny Bell's House, which tends to draw crowds, particularly if the planned visit falls on a school break or a public holiday.

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