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Nikulin Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

A show by members of legendary circus dynasties

Цирк на цветном

One of the oldest circuses in Russia was established in 1880 by a hereditary circus actor and entrepreneur Albert Salamonsky. In Soviet times, it was considered the most professional and impressive circus in the world; Karandash, Oleg Popov, Leonid Engibarov, Mikhail Shuydin, and Yuri Nikulin worked here. Nikulin was the artistic director of the circus—the position currently filled by his son Maksim Nikulin.

Young visitors will especially enjoy this circus, as there are many 0+ shows in the repertoire. Burlesque is a show of the Royal Circus of Gia Eradze with performances by acrobats and jugglers, riders and gymnasts, equilibrists and extreme sportsmen, as well as trained animals including horses, ponies, dogs, bears, panthers, and tigers.

The production called “Everything will be fine!” offers an interesting storyline, a modern laser show, and amazing stunts that children and adults are bound to enjoy. In Fantastic, a clown finds himself in the world of childhood filled with characters of different fairy tales, such as Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, Baba Yaga, Peter Pan, Cinderella. Famous animal trainers, Tony and Bruno Flavio, from the oldest circus dynasty in Italy perform with horses and tigers.

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