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Et Cetera Theater in Moscow

Repertory theatre house

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In 1993, Alexander Kalyagin and his students founded the Et Cetera Theater. Its first play was Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya.

During the first few years, Et Cetera did not have its own building, so plays were staged in rented spaces and other theaters.

The current unusual postmodern building was designed in the Mosproject-4 Institute and constructed in 2005.

Et Cetera often invites guest directors to work on new productions. A notable example is Vladimir Pankov's Duck Hunting which the author calls a “soundrama”—a genre that combines drama and contemporary music. Famous director Adolf Shapiro staged a play adapted from Luigi Pirandello's Right You Are (If You Think So).

The theater offers a 50% discount on tickets for all students. The offer applies to plays staged from Monday through Thursday.

Et cetera also offers a unique service called “theater nanny”: children aged 4+ can stay under supervision in a dedicated children's room free of extra charge while their parents are watching a play. You don't need to pre-register, but we recommend calling the theater in advance to make sure the service is available.

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