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Commonwealth of Drama Actors Theater

The world's only theater in a botanical garden

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The theater is located in the Apothecary Garden, the oldest botanical garden in Russia founded by Peter the Great in 1706. It stands right in the palm greenhouse, and exotic plants serve as scenery for some of the plays.

The theater unites actors from Russia's leading theater troupes: Vakhtangov Theater, Commonwealth of Taganka Actors Theater, Sphera Theater, Maly Theater, Roman Viktyuk Theater, and others.

The repertoire includes only a few performances, but they will be enjoyable for adults and children alike. Steampunk Nutcracker features familiar fairy-tale characters and bold visual solutions; Márquez. Without Words is a philosophical parable told through music and body language; The Life Ahead and Arcadia plays are under 1.5 hours long. You can combine a trip to this unusual theater with a visit to greenhouses.

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