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The Commonwealth of Taganka Actors

Affordable tickets and nostalgic shows

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Театр основан в 1993 году актерами, до этого работавшими в Театре на Таганке. В репертуаре театра около 40 спектаклей. Это и музыкально-поэтические композиции, и классическая драматургия, и пьесы современных авторов.

The theater exercises a democratic pricing policy: the managerial staff say that they are deliberately keeping prices down and that they will continue to do so. The repertoire includes plenty of nostalgic works. For example, the show BBC, based on Vladimir Vysotsky's songs and dedicated to the anniversary of the birth of the actor/singer-songwriter. The Concert on the Occasion of the End of the World involves the entire troupe; the plot embraces whole centuries of Russia's history, and the lyrics are based on Russian poetry from Pushkin to contemporary poets.

Shows for children are a major part of the repertoire. The musical Two Baba Yagas is just a different view of the canonical plot, and the Little Humpbacked Horse, which is filled with color and music, will be of interest to the youngest segment of the theater-going audience.

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