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Luzhniki Water Sports Palace

Aquatic complex on the site of the legendary swimming pool


The Luzhniki swimming pool was opened her in 1956, and almost 25 years later, was used for the 1980 Olympics. Today, it has been transformed into a massive six-floor aquatics complex with Russia’s best water park, three swimming pools, children’s play zones, baths, saunas, and special areas with sun loungers for relaxation.

The water park has nine water rides and as many swimming pools equipped for games and fun. There is also a heated pool with water massage, along with open-air zones. The center operates its own swimming school, with individual and group classes for adults and children. There are three swimming pools, including a sports pool with ten tracks.

In addition, the complex features a thermal spa center, with eight saunas, three jacuzzi, and a total area of 1,120 square meters. The VSpa center offers relaxing massages, wraps, and other wellness treatments upon request. For a finishing touch, drop by at the Volange beauty salon, which has a full range of face and body care with professional cosmetics. While you are unwinding and pampering yourself, your children will have a blast at the children’s aquatics club, under the watchful eye of a professional entertainer.

If you favor active leisure more, check out the Nalu Baloo surf club. It also has a dedicated relaxation and rejuvenation area called the Spa Loft, which can be leased for an event.

Photo: Luzhniki Aquatics Complex

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