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Golf Center

All-season playground in the center of Moscow


The largest all-season golf course in Russia, located in the center of Moscow – in Bersenevsky Lane, not far from GES-2. Here you can learn to play golf from scratch: professional coaches conduct classes for individuals, pairs and mini-groups. All equipment is provided – you don’t have to buy anything in advance.

There are also golf simulators – electronic devices that allow you to practice ball striking skills. You need to hit a real ball with a real club, and highly sensitive sensors determine the swing speed, the club opening-closing angle, the point of impact on the striking surface and transmit the data to the system, which displays the trajectory of the ball. For advanced players, there is the TrackMan system, which shows a 3D ball flight path. Also in the Golf Center there is an area with artificial turf for working out a short game.

On the territory of the center there is a restaurant where you can have a bite after the game or rent a hall for an event, and a store with golf equipment.

Photo: Golf Center

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