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X-TI Pilot Karting

Open karting track with an interesting configuration


The largest open kart track in Moscow located a hundred meters from the Yauza and within walking distance from Medvedkovo metro station. The track was designed by professional racers, so it is adapted to any conditions – races take place even in rainy and snowy weather. The configuration of the track is unusual – it’s a slow track with short straights and twisty groups of turns: it is hardly suitable for high-speed races, but ideal for technical piloting. At the same time, professional protective barriers are installed on the fast sections of the route, which ensure safety in emergency situations. 

The X-TI Pilot has four types of karts, differing in power and top speed, and for the youngest riders, dual karts are available: they can be ridden by parents with children up to 120 centimeters tall. A ten-minute training run will cost no more than 1,500 rubles. You can save money if you book three rides at once on a standard or children’s kart – a 10 percent discount is applied. 

There is a racing academy at the karting center, whose teachers periodically arrange open workshops – you can follow their schedule on the X-TI Pilot website. There are also open races on the track, where you can watch the competitions for novice karters.

Photo: X-TI Pilot

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