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Bitsa Equestrian Complex

The most famous equestrian complex in Russia


Bitsa is one of the largest equestrian centers in Europe, occupying about 50 hectares. The complex has two stadiums (for show jumping and dressage competitions), three indoor arenas, summer stables with stalls for 500 horses and winter stables with stalls for 240 horses, a gym, a swimming pool, a shooting club, a hotel, a cafe, and a Russian bath.

There are classes for professionals of equestrian sport as well as for amateurs and beginners. You can learn show jumping, dressage, triathlon (includes arena riding, cross country and overcoming obstacles) and vaulting – it is the name of the equestrian sport, which involves performing gymnastic
acrobatic exercises on a horse. There is a pony club where children are taught to ride.

The equestrian center also offers all necessary conditions for the maintenance and work of horses: stall rental, services of a groom and horse-breaker, and veterinary control.

Photo: Bitsa Sports School of Moskomsport

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