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Sanduny Baths

The oldest bathhouse in Moscow


The legendary Sanduny, operating since 1808, is not just a classic Russian bathhouse which still remains one of the most famous bathing complexes in Moscow, but it is also a real city landmark. It is an architectural monument in the Bozar style, which continued the traditions of the Italian Renaissance and French Baroque.

The baths were named after their founder, the famous actor Sila Sandunov. Throughout their history, the baths have changed owners and been rebuilt many times, although they now try to keep the authentic look and spirit of the past.

There are three grades of men's halls (highest, second highest, and first) and two of women's (highest and first). The higher grades have private cabins for 8–12 people, swimming pools, and massage areas. The lower grades have a simpler interior and a democratic atmosphere. Moreover, there are private room baths, which are convenient to rent for a small group.

There is also the Sanduny Vostok health and beauty center, which includes spa services, massage, cosmetic procedures, nail service, and a hairdressing salon. You can also buy professional cosmetics for skin and hair care there. After visiting the bathhouse, you can eat at the restaurant of the same name, which serves traditional Russian and Uzbek cuisine.

Фото: Сандуновские бани

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