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Where to get the New Year’s Eve feel


The closer we get to the New Year, the more festive Moscow becomes: garlands are turned on, New Year decorations sparkle, restaurants start cooking festive specialties. And some locations become even more fairytale-like, so we have found 14 of them, where it is really impossible not to feel the holiday spirit.

The main department store of the country is decorated for the New Year and it looks like a magic palace. Stores are stocked with Christmas accessories, and in front of the building is The One and Only skating rink, which is impossible to imagine any New Year’s holidays without.

A walk from Okhotny Ryad to Belorussky Railway Station along Tverskaya Street is another way to make a celebration for yourself. The street is decorated with garlands, and themed fairs are opened here, so it is possible to buy sweets or New Year’s souvenirs while you are there.

The already magical atmosphere of the Central Department Store turns into a fairy tale before the New Year: the shop displays are flooded with thematic gifts, and the festive lights are on. From November 30, there is a New Year fair with Christmas decorations, toys and sweets.

Interacting with animals always lifts your spirits, and before the New Year it’s nice to take a walk here, too. In winter, many animals, like polar bears and snow leopards, find themselves in the most comfortable environment, feel great and pose for pictures with pleasure.

The winter season is in full swing here: a big skating rink with music and illumination is open, and the lights are on in the evening. After skating or walking you can enjoy a snack in the Gastronomic Center as lots of corners just offer a New Year’s menu.

In Moscow’s main park, the atmosphere is set by the Rink of Culture and Leisure with five pavilions. In addition to the main ice cover, there are several special areas for children and for playing hockey. DJs play sets on Fridays and Saturdays.

Nikolskaya Street is originally decorated for each season and holidays, and of course, the New Year is the main one. It’s lovely to just stroll around here with a cup of hot coffee or check out one of the numerous restaurants.

Even if you have not managed to buy tickets to The Nutcracker at the Bolshoi Theatre, it is worthwhile to take a walk along Teatralnaya Square, the historic center of Moscow, where the approaching holiday is especially noticeable.

It’s hard to find a more festive restaurant in Moscow: views of Red Square, masterpieces of Russian cuisine featured on the menu, and New Year specials. Also, you can celebrate the year 2023 here – on December 31 at 23:00 in Dr. Zhivago, a luxurious party will begin.

“City” is actually a “city within a city”. It has everything: stores, restaurants, entertainments, so you will definitely find something to do here before the holidays. You can also climb to one of the viewpoints to get a bird’s-eye view of New Year’s Eve Moscow.

One of the best shopping centers in the capital is a great place to buy gifts. On the occasion of the New Year, Metropolis is decorated with themed décor, a Christmas tree is installed, and a variety of festive events are held.

A visit to this amusement park with its thrilling attractions will definitely help lift your spirits, even if you have lots of pre-holiday problems and annual reports at work. Also, from December 24 to January 7, the park offers a School of Snowmen show, which will please both children and adults.

And this park in the open air is perfect for crunching the December snow, just like when you were a child. The holiday show Christmas Factory and the quest Father Frosts’ Convention are running here until January 8.

Husky Land is a part of Skazka Park. It is an authentic ethno-village of the Far North peoples (perhaps, Father Frost came from here) and a unique park of sled dogs, where you can communicate with the friendly Huskies, Eskimo dogs and samoyeds, stroke and feed them, take pictures, and take a ride in a sled on weekends and holidays. Various interactive programs are held there on a regular basis where one can learn the basics of dog training. You can also hand-feed reindeer living in the park.

Cover photo: Wikimedia Commons

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