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6 places for vegetarians and vegans

From Indian cuisine to interesting desserts


A signature restaurant of organic Indian cuisine, a cafe with a wide choice of vegan desserts, or a vegetarian bar in a pre-revolutionary mansion – we tell you which metropolitan places are suitable for those who do not eat animal products. 

One of the first fully vegan places in Moscow, the creators have developed a full menu for every day with breakfast and dinner. Particular attention was paid to desserts and coffee: the confectionery list is regularly updated with new items, and hot drinks are made with various types of vegetable milk. There is a wide selection of hearty salads – from onigirazu to poke bowls, an impressive list of main courses and appetizers (a specialty is a set of spreads with hummus, mushroom pate and zucchini guacamole). Of the classic desserts, you should try peanut cheesecake with chocolate, orange currant cake and spicy chocolate cake with prunes and nuts.

An authentic Indian restaurant with an open kitchen – everything in the establishment was created at the discretion of the owners, who call it “daba” (translated from Hindi – a place for their own people). There is no fixed menu here: new sets of vegetarian dishes are cooked every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When cooking, the chefs use only organic products, and fragrant seasonings and spices are brought from India.

A network of cafes and ready-made food stores, which is produced exclusively from organic products. Gorod-Sad was one of the first in Russia to start producing a variety of dishes from lentil, quinoa and chickpea, and completely abandoned the use of gluten and sugar in recipes. 

The creators adopt the main gastronomic trends of healthy eating from European chefs, and the menu is constantly changing – the dishes in it do not stay longer than a couple of seasons. In stores, you can also choose an individual diet depending on the chosen food system (vegan, keto, and others).

Vegetarian cafe named after an Indian deity. Jagannath cuisine, however, includes traditions not only from India, but also from Europe, Mexico, China and Russia. There are more than 150 items on the menu: there are both vegetarian and completely vegan dishes – the owners carefully monitor that there are no unnatural additives in the products. At lunchtime, a variety of set lunches are available, and an hour before closing there is a 30% discount on hot dishes, salads and cooking. In addition to the main dishes, there is a large selection of desserts – cakes, pastries and oriental sweets.

The first fully vegan pizzeria in Moscow. Neapolitan pizza is cooked here with a variety of vegetables and cheeses without animal ingredients, such as pesto and zucchini or oyster mushrooms and kimchi cabbage. They also serve filter coffee from Noname Roasters and herbal teas, lemonades and kombuchas from cold drinks, and beer is also poured: five taps with organic items from Russian breweries.

Bar-restaurant in a mansion of century before last with a spacious veranda, where film screenings and chamber concerts are held in summer. The establishment is not completely vegetarian, but most of the dishes do not contain meat or milk – the famous vegan chef Ivan Dubkov is in charge of the menu. Featured items include handmade organic pasta, tahini or baked plum salads, Thai curry and chocolate cake. 

Cover photo: Gorod-Sad

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