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6 Cafes and Restaurants Where Parents Can Have Fun with Children

Places with children’s menus, workshops, and playgrounds


Where can you go for lunch or dinner with children so that the food is delicious and no one gets bored? We will show you cafes and restaurants in Moscow that are suitable for every day or for special events, places where guests can feel like they are at grandma’s cottage, those offering an immersion in a fairy tale with a magic stove, cafes to see performances for children, and even those where guests can play football.

A calm opportunity for adults to enjoy European dishes and one hundred creative activities for children

This is a chain of family restaurants that focuses primarily on children. Every restaurant has a space for games and creativity, divided into zones according to the age of the young guests. A variety of activities takes place every day: creative and cooking workshops, animation programs, and performances for the whole family, as well as special events for adults. While the child learns to bake a pizza or a real cake, paint a T-shirt, make a bath bomb, or stage a play with their peers, the parents can relax in armchairs or at tables overlooking the Apothecary Garden. The menu features European cuisine and desserts.

Pizza for every taste with Parmesan, Chorizo, chocolate, and panned sweets

This is a chain of charming Italian pizzerias for every day: the reason to visit is a simple answer to the question “What do you want?”: “Pizza.” Quick service, affordable prices, and fun are its main advantages. In addition to “adult” tastes like Parmesan, olives, Chorizo, bacon, and more, there are also pizzas catering to children’s tastes. For example, there is a mini pizza with Nutella and M&M’s: the chocolate paste and bright button-shaped chocolates are spread on a crispy pastry made of three kinds of flour. They say that it is also ordered by guests without children for a chance to return to childhood, if only for ten minutes.

Like a visit to grandma’s

At this chain of family cafes, parents and children can feel as if they are visiting their grandmother at her cottage: a cozy retro interior, lots of interesting items on the shelves, and a menu offering dishes familiar from childhood, from borscht to cutlets on the bone and homemade cake. For young guests who suddenly get bored at the table, there is a children’s room, which hosts festivals with cooking workshops and educational games on the weekends. On other days, children can simply play or do some special coloring.

Dive into a fairy tale with a magic stove

Ukhvat holds cooking workshops for children and their parents on weekends, allowing young guests the chance to bake cookies, mini-muffins, cottage cheese pies, and pizza in a real Russian oven. It is a great opportunity to see the object depicted in each and every Russian fairy-tale and, at the same time, to make sure that, in reality, it is not evil witches, but sweet dough that is sent into the oven to become a magical pastry in just a short time.

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