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8 places to unleash your energy


This selection contains locations for a variety of outdoor activities: from karting to snowboarding, from a water park to a huge ice rink. You don’t have to travel far: all these places are located within the city.

The largest open kart track in Moscow located 100 meters from the Yauza and within walking distance from the Medvedkovo metro station. The track was designed by professional racers, so it is adapted to any conditions – races take place even in rainy and snowy weather. The X-TI Pilot has four types of karts, differing in power and top speed, and for the youngest riders, dual karts are available: they can be ridden by parents with children up to 120 centimeters tall.

A huge all-season golf course located in the center of Moscow – in Bersenevsky lane, not far from GES-2. Here you can learn to play golf from scratch: professional coaches conduct classes for individuals, pairs and mini-groups. All equipment is provided – you don’t have to buy anything in advance.

A massive six-floor aquatics complex with Russia’s best water park, three swimming pools, children’s play zones, baths, saunas, and special areas with sun loungers for relaxation. The water park has nine water rides and as many swimming pools equipped for games and fun. There is also a heated pool with hydromassage, along with open-air zones. The center operates its own swimming school, with individual and group classes for adults and children. There are three swimming pools, including a sports pool with ten tracks.

The SkyTown rope labyrinth opened in 2015 on the territory of VDNKh. It is now one of the largest theme parks in Russia. The attraction is a four-tier structure, 16 meters high, and includes more than 90 obstacles of varying complexity, including inverted barrels, vertical nets, suspended bars and other climbing structures. The park also has a sheer climbing wall, a parkour area and a hanging bench for relaxing. The highest point of the attraction is an observation deck, which offers a picturesque view of the sights of VDNKh.

Husky Land is part of the Skazka park in Krylatskoye located in a specially protected area of the Moskvoretsky Natural and Historical Park. It is an authentic ethno-village of the Far North peoples and a unique park of sled dogs, where you can communicate with the friendly Huskies, Eskimo dogs and samoyeds, stroke and feed them, take pictures, and take a ride in a sled on weekends and holidays. Various interactive programs are held there on a regular basis where one can learn the basics of dog training. You can also hand-feed reindeer living in the park. A special place is occupied by the game library – here guests are introduced to the traditional games and amusements of the North peoples. There is an ethnic shooting club where you can try to hit a target with a real bow.

The complex occupies about 50 hectares. On the territory there are two stadiums (for show jumping and dressage competitions), three indoor arenas, stables, a gym, a swimming pool, a shooting club. There are classes for professionals of equestrian sport as well as for amateurs and beginners. You can even learn vaulting – it is the name of the equestrian sport, which involves performing gymnastic acrobatic exercises on a horse. There is a pony club where children are taught to ride.

Here is one of the main skating rinks in Moscow. This year, you can skate along the ice tracks from Central Pavilion No. 1 to Agriculture Pavilion No. 58 (including around the famous Friendship of Nations and Stone Flower fountains).

A five-minute walk from Nagornaya metro station is Kant ski center. It includes 20 ski slopes with a total length of 3,550 meters with artificial snow – you can ride on your own on 12 of them, and there are classes with instructors on the rest. In addition to the usual lifts, there is a travelator – it is a plus for those who are still on formal terms with a T-bar. There is equipment rental and storage lockers.

Photo: Kant sports complex

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