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Where to Eat Porridge?

With raspberries, parmesan, and mushrooms


Porridge for breakfast is no less important in exploring the city than visiting legendary theaters and museums. In many establishments, there is a dedicated menu page for the dish. In Moscow, you can find porridges of both traditional recipes and new, unique interpretation. We will tell you where to look.

Dr. Zhivago is a place where Russian porridge recipes are skillfully reproduced. Here you can have breakfast with a view of Manezhnaya Square in its bright rooms decorated with replicas of the works of the most prominent artists of the 20th century, such as Kazimir Malevich and Aleksandr Deyneka. Guests are offered their choice of porridge: buckwheat porridge with porcini mushrooms and pine nuts, millet porridge with crayfish tails (the restaurant’s bestseller), delicious cauliflower porridge with Sakhalin scallops and black caviar, and many others.

It is best to come to the restaurant for breakfast: first, porridges are served here only from 8 am to 4 pm, and second, there is a large selection of them on the menu. For example, sample the rice porridge with mango, or the buckwheat porridge with parmesan accompanied by cheese and toast with camembert. In addition, you can order lemonade or a signature herbal tea. It is best to book a table in advance, especially at weekends.

The Russian restaurant with folkloric name offers a choice of both classic porridge recipes and healthy lifestyle options such as organic gluten-free oatmeal porridge with coconut milk. All of its porridges are presented in a dedicated section of the menu. A separate vegetarian menu is available. The atmosphere of the restaurant is mysterious: subdued light, red and black colors, and a custom oven stylized with a dragon’s head in which a good half of the dishes are baked.

Another place where you can try the national dish, this time with a focus on Siberian motifs. Here you can order porridge with, for example, pine nuts and lingonberry sorbet, or a 4-grain porridge with sea buckthorn sorbet, millet porridge with nuts, or, for those who like simple and hearty food, a traditional oatmeal porridge with water or milk will do.

Ukhvat can boast that its dishes, including its porridge, are cooked in a real Russian oven. In addition to the expected pearl barley and rice porridges, here you can also try a more exotic lentil porridge with smoked brisket, quinoa with crayfish tails and scallops, as well as the legendary Guryevskaya porridge with raspberry jam and almonds. The hit of the menu is buckwheat porridge: stewed with mushrooms, tongue or kid goat in the oven, or with porcini mushrooms and red caviar. There is no need to rush to the opening: the restaurant serves late breakfasts daily until 5 pm.

Cover photo: Dr. Zhivago

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