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Where to Go Swimming in Moscow During the Summer

Ponds, lakes, and the Khimki Reservoir


Putyaevsky Pond 

This is a popular body of water in the expansive Sokolniki Park. The water in this pond is clean and quite clear, though swimming was officially allowed here only one year ago. In addition to the fully equipped sandy beach, there are a summer cafe with a terrace, sports grounds, and a wakeboard rental point on the shore. Putyaevsky Pond is within the city limits, but it is more conveniently reached by suburban train (to Malenkovskaya station on the Yaroslavl line) or by car. 

Serebryany Bor

The waters of Serebryany Bor are the swimming spots nearest to the center of Moscow, and that is why they attract a lot of city residents every summer. The swimming spots are at the 2nd and 3rd beaches. The first is larger in area, while the second has a more convenient flat descent. Sun loungers and gazebos are available for rent at both locations, and cafes and ice cream tents also welcome guests. The park can be reached by bus from several metro and monorail stations, as well as by car, though it can be difficult to find a parking space on the weekends. 

Khimki Reservoir 

The only suitable swimming spot is near the spacious Levoberezhny beach, equipped with changing cabins, showers, and sun loungers. Most of the beach territory is shaded by trees, so visitors can spend a few hours here even on the hottest days. There are playgrounds for children and volleyball courts on the shore, and swimming can be followed by a walk around the picturesque Khimki nature reserve nearby. The easiest way to get to the beach is by metro, to Khovrino station, then walking about 15 minutes. 

Big City Pond in Zelenograd 

This is the largest body of water in Zelenograd, with clear water and a beautiful embankment. The beach is equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas, and tables, as well as tables for ping pong and table hockey. In addition to swimming, visitors can rent boats and catamarans, ride a water slide, or take a walk in nearby Victory Park. However, the route to this beach from Moscow can take a long time: at least half an hour by suburban train (to Kryukovo station) or by bus (from Khovrino metro station). 

Shkolnoye Lake 

Also in Zelenograd, though with significantly fewer visitors, this lake can be reached from Big City Pond in a half hour’s leisurely walk. It is shallow and suitable for swimming with children. The entertainment is standard: rent a boat, play beach volleyball, or lie under an umbrella on a chaise longue. 

Meshcherskoye Lake

This large body of water and its clean beach are especially poplar among Muscovites on summer weekends. The lake is not deep, so it warms up quickly and is suitable for safe swimming. The beach is a part of the spacious Meshchersky Park with many playgrounds around, ranging from slides and swings to obstacle courses. 

Chernoye and Byeloye Lakes

These two neighboring lakes on the territory of Kosinsky Park got their names due to the color of their water: the water in Byeloye (White) Lake is transparent, while in Chernoye (Black) Lake, it is really dark because of the peat bottom. There is a picnic area on the beach of Byeloyey Lake, so it is worth arriving early in the morning to find a convenient place. The beach of Chernoye Lake is less popular and has no infrastructure other than changing cabins. 

Cover photo: website of Serebryany Bor Park

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