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Staying warm this fall


There is hardly a drink that suits the fall better than mulled wine, which quite literally warms the body and soul. In the fall, many Moscow restaurants add different variations of mulled wine to their bar menus, and we have picked seven of the most interesting options.

This establishment belongs to restaurateur Alexander Rappoport and has a menu based on Guangdong (Cantonese) cuisine, which is the best known outside of China but is still poorly represented in Moscow. The options for hot spirits include five varieties of punch: a spicy option with honey baijiu, one with smoky whisky and orchard apples, a hot raspberry cider with rum, a mulled wine with goji berries, and a punch with pu-erh tea.

This is a minimalistic restaurant with unique Nordic-style cuisine – and, of course, Nordic cuisine must be accompanied warming drinks. A wide variety of grogs and gloggs is served here: classic, white, one made with blueberries, buckwheat punch, and a couple of non-alcoholic options.

The interior of the restaurant is full of live plants: thick moss and vines hang from the ceiling, and the tables are decorated with live orchids and aloes. This fall, it offers a signature mulled wine, a grog with turmeric, and the hot Trans-Siberian Express cocktail – non-alcoholic versions of each of them are also available.

The acclaimed Coffeemania has been an iconic Moscow chain since 2001. The prices are a bit higher than in other coffee shops, but that is quite justified: they not only brew great coffee, but also serve restaurant quality dishes. The menu offers just one classic mulled wine option – made with red wine. But it is well worth ordering: it is exactly what a great mulled wine should be.

This gastronomic bar is located at the Red October Institute of Media, Architecture, and Design, which is on the territory of the same name. It is a landmark of the city. There are three hot cocktails on offer: Hot Berry with herbal liqueur, Hot Gold with Armenian brandy, and Apricot Eggnog with apricot brandy.

This chain serves two varieties of mulled wine: classic option (red wine with honey, fresh apple, orange, lemon, and ginger) and the lighter Japanese option (white wine, lime leaves, raspberries, and vanilla syrup). It also offers the hot Irish Pie cocktail (whiskey, apple juice, cinnamon, and star anise).

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