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This summer's hottest coffee spots

Unusual places, rare varieties, and fresh experiments


Coffee culture in Moscow never ceases to amaze with new discoveries. It is easy to find coffee of any variety and flavor, and unique new places to enjoy it open monthly. We'll tell you which ones you can't miss.

This cozy coffee shop on Lyalin Lane only brews specialty coffee, the highest-quality Arabica. Cooperative Chorny buys its beans directly from Ethiopian, Colombian, and Guatemalan farmers It was also one of the first shops in the city to do its own roasting. No syrups or additives are offered here, but there are several black coffee brewing methods to choose from: filter, pour-over, or Aeropress.

Bloom-n-Brew offers a limited coffee menu, but each item is thought out in detail: the coffee shop's team controls the entire process from procurement to brewing, and they recently opened their own roasting shop. The emphasis is on specialty coffee, but you can add a signature syrup to many of the drinks. The interior of the shop deserves special attention: white walls, black tables, and nothing superfluous.

In three years, ABC Coffee Roasters has evolved from a small coffee shop on Pokrovka Street into one of the major coffee chains in Moscow. Their main specialization is black coffee; in addition to the pour-over and Aeropress methods, they use smart Gina and Trinity devices that can regulate the grind, temperature, and amount of water. Besides coffee, you can also choose from a selection of teas, or order a croissant or dessert. Loyal customers will quickly notice that the coffee and tea lists on the menu are frequently updated.

An Orthodox church café and refectory with a wide selection of coffee and a minimalist Scandinavian interior. The menu includes basic coffee specialties, but you can also try signature drinks like blueberry latte or pepper rose raf. Breakfast and desserts are served: familiar croissants and cookies are offered right next to traditional Russian pastries such as pryaniki and kovrizhki.

One of the largest chains in the city with dozens of types of coffee on the menu. A few years ago Doublebee made already familiar drinks like lavender raf popular, but now they focus on their signature drinks. They don't offer any food; in addition to coffee, you can only take nuts or chocolate, but you can come to most of their shops with your own packed lunch.

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