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5 places where to eat breakfast with sparkling wine

A cup of coffee is not the only way to start the morning


A leisurely breakfast or brunch with sparkling wine is a great beginning of a weekend or an informal meeting with colleagues on weekdays. In Moscow, this tradition is not very common yet, but many restaurants already offer such a pleasant option.

On weekends, this Italian restaurant conceptualized as an imitation of a European parlor serves late breakfasts from the chef — they can be ordered until 16:00. The menu includes yoghurts, eclairs, curd fritters, bruschettas, waffles, porridges, eggs benedict that are supplemented by a glass of sparkling wine.

The restaurant that has just opened already won the hearts of the Moscow public — tables should be booked in advance. The breakfasts here are quite hearty, like pumpkin fritters with burrata and lavender honey or croissants with mortadella and truffles. Food can be supplemented with a glass of prosecco, brut, mango bellini or the one-of-a-kind AVA Breakfast cocktail.

On weekdays breakfasts are served until 13:00, at weekends — until 14:00. The menu includes hearty meals (like sandwiches, toasts with avocados, eggs benedict, shakshuka, potato flapjacks, green buckwheat bowls) and sweet options (croissants, cheesecakes, porridges). As an accompaniment the guests can choose Italian prosecco, Spanish brut or French champagne.

A glass of sparkling wine is served here as a compliment to weekend breakfasts. There are more than fifty dishes in the morning menu — sandwiches, toasts, eggs, and healthy lifestyle options (chia puddings, acai and quinoa bowls, gluten-free porridges). A separate section of the breakfast menu called Breaking Bad includes borscht, hearty sour cream pies and Viennese sausages.

Breakfasts are offered daily from 10:00. On weekdays they are served until 14:00 p.m., on weekends — until 16:00. The guests can taste scrambles with shrimps, spinach and tomatoes, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, parmesan and fried eggs, millet porridge with persimmon and mangos, cheese omelets with zucchini and green salad, cheesecakes with banana cream and caramel. Food is accompanied with a glass of cava or brut.

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